Market study to assess the potential of selected forestry services based on C3S data (COPERNICUS)

Image: Maria Jesús Romero. Pinar de Carabaña (Comunidad de Madrid)


Decades of study have shown and quantified the impact of climate change on forests around the world. Changes in growth patterns, drought induced mortality, and species distribution shift have been observed in many forest ecosystems as well as the additional effects on water availability, increase numbers of pest and diseases, and the rise of detrimental effects of natural disasters. On the other hand, forests have also been acknowledged as “stabilizing forces for the climate”. Thanks to their ecosystem services provision, shelters of flora and fauna biodiversity, and key role in the carbon cycle. Additionally, forests play a key role in sustaining sustainable livelihoods of many communities around the globe.

  The European Forest Institute, El Cubo Verde, Vizzuality, and Tecnalia are working together in a market study to assess the potential of forestry services based on C3S data organized in the framework of a  Copernicus Climate Change Service-C3S contract financed by the ECMWF, operator of C3S on behalf of the European Union.


Link to Forestry services based on C3S data:


The aim of this work is to unfold and explore the potential of C3S-based services for the forestry sector through an accurate analysis of the main forest users’ needs and requirements.  To this end, we will work closely with different type of users and stakeholders from small private holdings to large estate owned companies of the forestry sector including areas such as:  forest genetic and restoration, forest management, disaster management, pest control and urban forestry. The final objective is to identify the requirements for the development of new tailor-made services for the forestry sector based on C3S data (historical climate data, seasonal forecasts and/or long-term projections).

 Our activities will support the Copernicus programme in defining the evolution of climate-based services in the coming years, which has among its objectives to help the forestry sector face the challenge of climate change.



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