Climate finance

We identify the most suitable financing mechanisms and grants to promote and facilitate environmentally sustainable projects. Our ambition, is our clients’.

Keeping up to date with financial instruments and lines that meet a project or a business strategy needs, requires the commitment of resources and time, two things that are often scarce on a daily basis. To facilitate this, Cubo Verde manages for its clients the selection, application, processing, monitoring and collection of funds (CDTI, ICEX, IDAE, AECID, COFIDES, regional and international aid, etc.).


We advise on the orientation of the initial proposal to add value and make it more attractive to be selected. We want to give visibility and viability to projects based on:

–  Implementation of low carbon technologies and renewable energies to reduce or replace fossil fuel consumption

–  Public or private energy saving and energy efficiency initiatives

–  Control solutions and optimisation of energy management, ISO implementation, energy audits

–  Development of carbon footprint and lifecycle analysis

–  Building rehabilitation and creation of district heatings based on renewable energy

–  Sustainable lighting solutions

–  Newly created activities committed to low carbon technologies 

        –  Creation of public – private consortium and collaborating channels between companies and research and education institutions

–  Feasibility studies and technological innovation projects 

–  Digital transformation applied to energy, sustainability and climate change: Industria Conectada 4.0

–  Climate change mitigation and adaptation projects at regional, national and international level

–  Internationalization opportunities

–  Environment and sustainability initiatives 

–  Promotion of electric mobility

Please, do not hesitate to ask if you cannot find your project on the list above but you require financing. We are here to help you.

We carry out free pre-diagnosis to assess the viability of each initiative


We request and manage additional incentives such as the acquisition of verified emission reductions of GHG in public or private projects, that fully or partially replace fossil fuel consumption, applying methodologies approved by FES-CO2 to calculate the amount of GHG not emmitted.

FES-CO2 provides financial support to projects that reduce emissions in the non ETS sector in Spain through the Climate programme.

Through climate projects, Cubo Verde has substantially contributed, in cooperation with the spanish association AVEBIOM (Asociación Española de Valorización Energética de la Biomasa) and ANESE (Asociación de Empresas de Servicios Energéticos), to:


Program activities

> 400



Reduction of tCO2

Sector concerned of FES-CO2 climate finance:

–       Industry with major thermal demands not covered by ETS (e.g. agro-alimentary sector).

–       Residential, commercial and institutional sectors

–       Agricultural sector

–       Transport

–       Waste

–       Fluorinated greenhouse gases

–       Building rehabilitation and and development of district heatings based on renewable energy

–       Lighting

We are also energy project advisors to attract private investment.