Energy consultancy

The best energy, no more and no less.

Moving to a decarbonized economy requires to join efforts in all the areas: transport, housing, industry, public services… WE ALL consume energy. The best energy is not the one which is not used but consumed more efficiently. Demand must be met by reducing energy wasted and using the most sustainable energetic sources. 
The best energy, no more and no less. 

Cubo Verde maintains a close cooperation with engineerings manufacturers, arquitectural offices, renewable energy suppliers, national associations committed to energy efficiency and renewable energies, etc. to propose the most suitable energy alternatives to our clients. We are not limited by any exclusivity as we are totally free to select the best option.

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Our role is twofold:

– We act as a “node”, working, as a link for the client, with all the available options in the market, prescribing technology, and facilitating the knowledge of companies and profesional profiles we already have verified, to facilitate the decision-making process.


–  We also, energy strategic consultancy to support our clients from the germ to the maturation of the project.  We add value to every proposal, enriching them only with those valuable aspects to bring it about:


– Fund raising and other non-repayable grants

– Design of energy improvement plans and objetives.

– Projects to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy source

– Studies of use and energy recovery of waste and by-products of industrial activity

– Inclusion of energetic aspects in sustainability reports

– Management and obtaining of energy certifications

– Calculation of carbon footprint and compensation of emissions

– Corporate sustainability 

– Outreach activities


We are committed to reduce the energy intensity, innovation and the balanced used of renewable energies to minimize the fossil fuel consumption and the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).